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Gani Gilaev


Rosneft (Роснефть) - Vice-President


Born in 1956. Holds a degree from Ufa State Petroleum University specializing in Exploration and development of oil and gas fields. Doctor of Engineering Science. In 1975 started working as a drilling assistant for Sakhalinneft subsidiary, Vostokneft. From 1993 to 2006 – held senior positions in LLC Sakhalinmorneftegas, OJSC Rosneft-Termneft and LLC Krasnodarneftegas. From 2006 – General Director of OJSC Udmurtneft. From 2008 – Director of Oil and gas exploration in OJSC Rosneft. From Oct. 2010 – appointed acting vice president, upstream at OJSC Rosneft. From Sept. 2011 – appointed vice president of Rosneft. Gani Gilaev holds 123,792 shares of Rosneft (0.0012% in share capital).

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