Ibero-Russian Chamber of Commerce
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The Ibero-Russian Chamber of Commerce (IRCC) is founded at the end of 2010, on the occasion of the celebration of the Year of Spain in Russia and Russia in Spain during 2011, seeking to establish and consolidate a favorable institutional framework to promote business relations between the countries of Latin America, Iberian Peninsula and the Russian Federation.

Among its objectives are the promotion of the relationship between partners and other public or private entities in the referred countries as well as the assistance to both, partners and thirs parties, through the performance of a series of activities.

The activities of the Ibero-Russian Chamber of Commerce include, among others, the following:

  • performance of activities of support and encouragement to foreign trade
  • organization of all kinds of events (seminars, conferences and workshops) aimed at promoting the development of business relations
  • development of all kinds of reports, papers, studies and publications related to the Chamber’s purposes
  • provision of non-formal education about business, trade and the company
  • performance of national and international commercial arbitration functions
  • addressing any issues that may affect the interests of its members carrying out the steps leading to the promotion and protection of those interests

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