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Three Gorges

EDP wishes to gain control of CEM

Published on July 12, 2012

Read EDP wishes to gain control of CEM

We would like to take charge of the Macao Electric Company (CEM)”, António Mexia, EDP CEO, stated this week. Mexia also said that this would only bring benefits to CEM, which he considers a key element for his Asian strategy.

EDP is on “top form” since it got partners with Three Gorges, and this is fundamental to gain an international dimension, something Chinese companies are very competitive at.

EDP’s expansion started from Brazil into South America and Africa, first reaching old Portuguese colonies. In this countries EDP is leader. On the other hand, although there is no doubt that the expansion in China will bring benefits to EDP, the company will be in the background, since the leader is Three Gorges.

EDP already owns a CEM share of 42 per cent, in association with Chinese interests, and is ready to assume the Macao company.

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