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Rajoy replaces 30 ambassadors

Published on Feb. 20, 2012

Read Rajoy replaces 30 ambassadors


The Council of Ministers approved last Friday the replacement and designation of 30 new ambassadors, representatives of Spain, in front of the United Nations, the NATO Council, the Political and Security Committee of the Council of European Union and the International Organizations placed in Geneva. The observer ambassador to the Organization of American States was also appointed..

The observer ambassador position will be occupied by Jorge Hevia, with a Law Degree* and who is the former Deputy Director General of the Mercosur Countries and Chile. Hevia has also worked in the Spanish diplomatic representations in the Dominican Republic, the Holy See and the Order of Malta. He also held in 2001 the position of Director General of Defense Institutional Relationships ...

A second CCGT has been inaugurated in Tenerife by Endesa

Published on Nov. 29, 2011

Read A second CCGT has been inaugurated in Tenerife by Endesa

Endesa inaugurates a second CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) in the Granadilla plant. These implementations imply an increase in the total capacity installed from the previous existing 230 Mw, to the now upgraded 743 Mw.

The CCGT comprises two gas turbines and a steam turbine which are interconnected, and is equipped to operate as a closed-cycle facility or as an open-cycle facility, i.e. only using the two gas turbines. This structure allows the facility to meet the real grid needs of electricity with the plant production capacity.

This new CCGT now coordinates with the one installed in the Granadilla plant in 2006, and together with the rest of Endesa electric production facilities amounts to a total installed capacity of 1.059 Mw in the island.

The plant is cooled with sea water and complies with all Spanish and EU environmental regulations.

Endesa invests €100 million in a smart energy supply for Barcelona

Published on Nov. 28, 2011

Read Endesa invests €100 million in a smart energy supply for Barcelona

This investment will be aimed to create a smart greed in the city which will allow Endesa customer to optimize their energy consumption, allowing them to know in real time their energy consumption and for so, creating and energy saving conscience. The project entails the implantation of several cutting-edge facilities already used by Enel´s network during the last 10 years.

Endesa pretends with this program to adapt its infrastructure to a new model, more competitive in terms of efficiency and sustainability, reducing the consumption of energy and therefore the emission of greenhouse effect gases.

This project will be rolled-out in two phases, the first one lasting until the end of November and affecting around 50.000 households, in the second phase the program will be extended to the rest of the city households.

Iberdrola ends the 2011 term with a new free share purchase offer

Published on Nov. 28, 2011

Read Iberdrola ends the 2011 term with a new free share purchase offer

As part of it traditional “Iberdrola Dividendo flexible” program, Iberdrola will finish 2011 offering, as in other previous years, to its shareholder the opportunity to purchase free shares as final payment of the 2011 dividend, at a price of 0,143 € per share to purchase free allocation rights . The number of right submitted by Iberdrola will be calculated, based on the number of outstanding shares and the weighted average price of the group’s shares between 22 and 29 December. The purchased share will be charged with no extra cost and no withholding taxes.

This scheme of retribution establishes two other alternatives for the shareholders who do not wise to purchase new shares;

  • They have de option to sale their ...

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