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Ex-Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation will become the head of "Zarubezhneft"

Published on Jan. 14, 2013

Read  Ex-Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation will become the head of "Zarubezhneft" Deputy Minister of Energy Sector - Sergei Kudryashov - will become a General Director of the state company "Zarubezhneft". "Zarubezhneft" – is a company that has been developing fields outside of Russia since the Soviet times. After the breakup of the USSR, "Zarubezhneft" obtained assets within Russia, but in terms of production it is still significantly lagging behind other leaders of markets, such as "Rosneft" and "Lukoil".

According to newspaper "Kommersant", a Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich  reported that the directive of his appointment has been already signed. Currently Kudryashov is a Deputy Director of "Zarubezhneft". The reshuffle was made due to the fact that the contract of the current CEO – Mr. Nicholas Brunich - ended in December. He worked in "Zarubezhneft" since 2002 ...

Iberdrola profits increase 12%

Published on Oct. 26, 2012

Read Iberdrola profits increase 12%

In the 3 first quarters of this year, Iberdrola has achieved a 2,401 million Euros net profit, which means a 12% increase over the same period last year. This increase contrasts with the 36% drop of profits in Spain.

This national fall was due to a cutting in networking compensation, a decision passed by the Government in March, but yet to come into force. The cutting does not take into account the effect of the new fiscal measures on the production.

Fortunately for Iberdrola, their turnover in Spain represents only 25% of the group net profit, 616 million Euros. The rest comes from international commerce, which rose 52% in the same 9 months, up to 1,785 million Euros ...

Brazil for the solar energy

Published on Aug. 20, 2012

Read Brazil for the solar energy

A silicon purification plant in Brazil might be announced before the year 2012 is over, according to the chief of the renewable energy department at BNDES, Antonio Tovar.

Silicon is an essential element for the photovoltaic panel production process.

Such production has interested many businessmen, who have started to create projects located in Brazil during the last two years. Those projects mainly aim to mass-produce photovoltaic panels in this country. As a consequence, the negotiations with many potential silicon providers have started.

This process has been influenced by Annel, the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, which expects consumers to install their own power production system for self-consumption.

The representatives at BNDES stated that the Brazilian bank would undertake to finance the ...

TNK-BP bids for Conoco Vietnam

Published on Dec. 10, 2011

Read TNK-BP bids for Conoco Vietnam

Russia's TNK-BP, developing a gas project in Vietnam acquired from its major shareholder BP, has also bid for ConocoPhillips assets in the Asian country, TNK-BP's head of upstream operations Alexander Dodds said last week.

TNK-BP, a 50-50 joint venture between BP and a quartet of Soviet-born businessmen, has already taken over some gas assets in the South China Sea from its British co-owner and expressed its interest in expanding in Vietnam. It has said it will bid for one block of nine blocks on offer by the Vietnamese government in a tender which opens this week.
State oil and gas group Petrovietnam has already said it will bid for the ConocoPhillips assets, three oil fields and one gas ...

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