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Endesa invests €100 million in a smart energy supply for Barcelona

Published on Nov. 28, 2011

Read Endesa invests €100 million in a smart energy supply for Barcelona

This investment will be aimed to create a smart greed in the city which will allow Endesa customer to optimize their energy consumption, allowing them to know in real time their energy consumption and for so, creating and energy saving conscience. The project entails the implantation of several cutting-edge facilities already used by Enel´s network during the last 10 years.

Endesa pretends with this program to adapt its infrastructure to a new model, more competitive in terms of efficiency and sustainability, reducing the consumption of energy and therefore the emission of greenhouse effect gases.

This project will be rolled-out in two phases, the first one lasting until the end of November and affecting around 50.000 households, in the second phase the program will be extended to the rest of the city households.

Iberdrola ends the 2011 term with a new free share purchase offer

Published on Nov. 28, 2011

Read Iberdrola ends the 2011 term with a new free share purchase offer

As part of it traditional “Iberdrola Dividendo flexible” program, Iberdrola will finish 2011 offering, as in other previous years, to its shareholder the opportunity to purchase free shares as final payment of the 2011 dividend, at a price of 0,143 € per share to purchase free allocation rights . The number of right submitted by Iberdrola will be calculated, based on the number of outstanding shares and the weighted average price of the group’s shares between 22 and 29 December. The purchased share will be charged with no extra cost and no withholding taxes.

This scheme of retribution establishes two other alternatives for the shareholders who do not wise to purchase new shares;

  • They have de option to sale their ...

Iberdrola has been granted a €200 million loan

Published on Nov. 28, 2011

Read Iberdrola has been granted a €200 million loan

Las week Iberdrola received a €200 million loan from the EIB, European Investment Bank. The money will be destined to optimize and modernise its electricity distribution network. The agreement was signed last week in Luxemburg by EIB Vice-President Magdalena Álvarez Arza and IBERDROLA Chairman Ignacio Sánchez Galán.

This loan will support Iberdrola´s investment program, which implies not only the upgrading of the now existing network, but developing a large list of new facilities, with the purpose of increasing safety, reliability and efficiency of energy supply, matching the expected increase in demand in the coming years for the benefit of both, customers and producers.

Among the new facilities to be installed, are the smart meters which will provide customers with ...

Nord Stream pipeline is inaugurated

Published on Nov. 10, 2011

Read Nord Stream pipeline is inaugurated

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Dmitry Medvedev, officially inaugurated the Nord Stream pipeline linking Russia and Germany through the Baltic Sea on a journey of 1,224 kilometers that will allow gas exports from Russia to avoid the territories of Ukraine and Poland.

In Poland, the inauguration of the pipeline has been interpreted as an act of segregation into this country, which now imports from Russia 90% of its gas. This inauguration is being seen even worst in Ukraine, which has now lost its lobbying tool with Russia that until now had to send its gas exports to the EU through their territory, thus granting Ukraine a weapon against the Russian giant, a weapon already used on several occasions ...

Repsol's largest oil discovery in its history, in Argentina

Published on Nov. 10, 2011

Read Repsol's largest oil discovery in its history, in Argentina

 After several years of prospecting Repsol has found a treasure in Argentina's Neuquén province, in Patagonia, close to the Chilean border. In this area, called Sierra de Vaca Muerta, Repsol holds oil concession rights over an area of ​​12,000 square kilometers, of which, so far, has focused on a small region of only 428 kilometers called La Lata Norte.

The analysis threw, through the 15 open wells, an estimation of reserves  amounting to 927 million barrels, making it the largest discovery in the history of the company. Other explorations taking place in other areas of Sierra de Vaca Muerta are also revealing a promising future.

This discovery in Patagonia will allow Repsol to double in a few ...

Gazprom and Moldova discuss new gas supply contract signing

Published on Nov. 4, 2011

Read Gazprom and Moldova discuss new gas supply contract signing

The Gazprom headquarters hosted today a meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Company's Management Committee and Vladimir Filat, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.

The parties reviewed the progress in collaboration on determining the parameters of a new gas supply contract. It was noted that the further discussion would be based on Moldovan proposals regarding Gazprom's participation in the investment projects in the Republic of Moldova.

Moldovagaz was established in 1999. Gazprom controls a 50% stake in Moldovagaz. The remaining shares are owned by the Government of the Republic of Moldova (35.3%), the Cabinet of Ministers of Transdnestr region (13.44 per cent) and individuals (1.23%).

In December 2006 Gazprom and Moldovagaz signed a ...

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