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Google to cover Brazilian elections

Published on Oct. 6, 2012

Read Google to cover Brazilian elections

For the first time in Brazil, Internet users will be able to follow in real time the local elections to be held next Sunday.

At 5 p.m. on Sunday Google will offer an especial section in its website "Politics & Elections", where data on every regional candidates will be shown. The Supreme Electoral Court will provide the information, and, thanks to Google Maps, it will be displayed by states or by candidates and parties.
For the moment, the website offers videos and news related to the elections. In order to get an overview on how the service will work, it is worth to take a look at the website for the elections in Mexico.


Foreign markets are a new opportunity for small investors in Brazil

Published on Oct. 5, 2012

Read Foreign markets are a new opportunity for small investors in Brazil

Few years ago, investing abroad was an option only for large assets. The Brazilian banks are however starting to give an opportunity for small assets to acquire shares from funds investing in foreign markets. This means that investors holding at least 5,000 reais may purchase corporate debt and stock offers from multinational companies.

In the last three years, the number of funds investing abroad has gone from 90 to 237, and the sum of foreign investment has gone from 2,000 to 10,400 million reais.

The key factor of this change has been the sharp fall in domestic market interest rates. Although this fall made easier the access to credit and financing, it also made it less attractive ...

Telefónica launches a venture capital network

Published on Sept. 23, 2012

Read Telefónica launches a venture capital network

In September 4th Telefónica announced its participation in a venture capital which will finance technology firms. The Telecommunications Spanish Company has provided 68 million euros in this fund for the next five years.

This private equity network, called Amérigo, is also participated by public partners (for example the Governments of Brazil, Chile, Colombia or Spain) and private investors focused on technology sector worldwide, beyond the main investments receivers as Silicon Valley. Its initial capital reaches 300 million euros, aimed to finance projects valued over one billion.

Through this project Telefónica plans to invest in talent wherever it is, like has done many times before with others schemes such as Wayra (focused on promoting star-ups) or Telefónica Ventures.

Peña Nieto seeks cooperation with Brazil

Published on Sept. 21, 2012

Read Peña Nieto seeks cooperation with Brazil

During his first official visit to Brazil, the Mexico president-elect, Enrique Peña Nieto, pointed out that both countries should work as a team, increase commerce ans cooperate, setting aside the past competition.

Peña Nieto had a meeting this Wednesday with the members of the Federation of Industries of São Paulo (FIESP) and seized the press conference to highlight his “interest in achieving further integration between Mexico and Brazil.”

The two biggest Latin American economies keep a long-lasting fight behind the scenes to take the lead in the region. The battle for a permanent seat in the UN Security Conceal has been one of those conflicts.

The president-elect highlighted though that, despite some critics “get to state that our nations are ...

Portuguese oil-and-gas company Partex is negotiating with Spanish Repsol about gas exploration in Portugal's southern region of Algarve

Published on Sept. 20, 2012

Read Portuguese oil-and-gas company Partex is negotiating with Spanish Repsol about gas exploration in Portugal's southern region of Algarve

After the departure of German RWE, Repsol is the only holder of the blocks 13 and 14. The first change in the shareholder structure of the concessions of blocks 13 and 14, located at about 50 kilometers from the eastern coast of the Algarve, occurred early this year, when the Repsol acquired a participation of 30% of the German multinational company RWE Energy.
The Director of oil-and-gas Spanish company , Mr.Max Torres, said to Economic Daily that the was looking for new partners to share the risks and investments.
Actually, the Partex is negotiating with Repsol the entry in exploration and exploitation of natural gas in Algarve , some source close to the process ensures that negotiations are in the advanced phase.
The project in Algarve - exploration and production of natural gas - represents financial effort of about 83 million dollars (66 million euros).

Brazil operates only 4 % of its oil potential

Published on Sept. 18, 2012

Read Brazil operates only 4 % of its oil potential

Brazil has been working on its oil fields for more than 60 years. However only 7 % of its 7.5 million km2 have been explored and only 4 % are currently operated.

It is in this small area in Santos Basin where the 149,000 km2 pre-salt layers are located. Only 45,600 km2 are operated under concessions – however, about 15,000 million barrels are expected to be contained in the area, given the past discoveries. This number could even reach 55,000 million barrels, which would set Brazil on a new oil world level.

Since the Brazilian hydrocarbon sector was liberalized in 1997 and Petrobras lost its monopoly, the oil sector has enormously developed, going from 3 ...

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