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Russian Prime Minister calls for land privatization

Published on Aug. 2, 2012

Russian Prime Minister calls for land privatization

“I believe we need to prepare for privatization of land sites” declared Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev.

Land property has been under discussion for many years. Some experts defend privatization, while others allege land is a generational wealth that can not be sold. “But what do we have as a result? We frequently see the degradation of the land stock and the absence of real possibilities for construction, including housing and social infrastructure. That is why we need after all to make these decisions” Medvedev responds to that point of view. Some government officers state it is necessary a cadastral revaluation before privatization can be possible.

Land private property was established in 2001 through Land Code, which allowed private land sale. However, it only affects the 2% of urban ground and other lands such as vast farmlands remains unaffected.

The code establishes numerous limitations about sales to foreigners, such as the prohibition of transfer land for free, purchase of border lands or lands designed as “special territories” by federal law, agricultural lands or those that are not allowed to be leaded for 49 years. The lease of lands with some kind of buildings is also forbidden.


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