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Integrating grids is Portugal’s prority

Published on July 13, 2012

Integrating grids is Portugal’s prority

Integrating the European energy market plays a key role for a successful liberalization of the sector in Portugal. Reinforcing the energy grids interconnection is therefore a relevant factor in this process, said the Secretary of State for Energy, Artur Trindade, during the conference “Grids of the future”.

We cannot foster liberalization without having an integrated market. Producers have to be aware of the fact that Europe needs to be competitive in selling the energy and consumers need a broader offer.

Grids play also an active role in national and European energy politics. Brussels’s politics for this sector focus today on energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening interconnected structures.

But there are many other problems to solve: supply security and resources optimization. Focusing on renewable energies, the risk is higher within insolated grids than within interconnected grids.

These challenges are especially important for Portugal, given its location at the end of Europe. Portugal needs access to the central part of the continent, to the supply and demand.

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