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Spain European Football Champion

Published on July 2, 2012

Spain European Football Champion

Last Sunday, Spain lifted its third European Championship, but the most amazing fact is that since 2008 the Spanish team has chained two European titles and a world cup in a row.

The summary for this new victory of the Spanish “roja” shall be that on the one hand Spain has a wide rank of high quality football players but together they are more than bright individuals, other European teams have of that too, they are a “team” with a perfectly coordinated strategy, thanks to the knowledge and experience Vicente del Bosque (who has now equalled Helmut Schoen as the only coach to win a European Championship and a World Cup).

All this facts highlight Spain as superpower in the football sector, not only provided with some of the best football clubs in the world, Real Madrid and Barsa, partly integrated by foreign players, but also with bright homemade figures.

For so, we shall conclude that Spain knows how to product the best football player, trainers and selectors.

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