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The cooperative company RPK tests Russian, Brazilian and Chinese markets

Published on April 20, 2012

The cooperative company RPK tests Russian, Brazilian and Chinese markets


The Spanish company, which produces coils and springs for the automobile industry, has been growing in the foreign markets and now wants to set in Brazil, China and Russia. The CEO of the company, Ricardo Romo, announced a strategic plan for the next two years with a prediction of a 10% increase in sales.

The Spanish company has recently taken over the laser cutting company Gasori and inaugurated a production plant in Pone (India) for 7 million euros. Ricardo Romo explains that the company will monetize the investment in a two years term and that they are not planning near investment but they could “evaluate any coming opportunity”.

The 80% of the company activities are in relation with the automobile industry, but they want to diversify their business in the next years.

The total revenue of RPK in 2011 was 32.5 million euro, figure a 11.2% higher than in 2010. Romo foresees an increase in sales for the next year till an approximate figure of 35.7 million euros, this figure could get closer to the 40 million euros with the added revenue of Gasori, their last acquisition.

The Spanish company owns also three subsidiaries: Hedisa in Spain and RPK Mexico and RPK India.


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