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Abertis buys 500 mobile phone towers to Telefónica for 45 million euros

Published on April 3, 2012

Abertis buys 500 mobile phone towers to Telefónica for 45 million euros

This transaction means the entrance of Abertis in the mobile infrastructure management market.The amount of the see-purchase agreement will generate a 12% benefit IRR for the accionists.

Abertis, who has paid 45 million euros for 500 mobile phone towers, could expand the purchase to a total amount of 1.000 towers by the end of 2012 as the company communicated to the National Securities Market Commission .

Telefónica España will be the main customer of the mobile phone towers for the next years but it is also forecasted to offer the infrastructures to other telecommunication operators that could share the services.

The assets purchased, which are “high quality and located in rural areas along the Spanish territory, will be added to the 3.300 actual emplacements that Abertis has, providing better capillary”. This will be a very important characteristic in the new radio frequencies deployment future framework product of the last Radio-electric spectrum biding.

The purchase will also allow the development of new business opportunities in the infrastructure sharing deployment of the fourth mobile phone generation.

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