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The Inditex group opens in "The Big Apple" their first Massimo Dutti in America

Published on March 13, 2012

The Inditex group opens in "The Big Apple" their first Massimo Dutti in America


Pablo Isla, president of Inditex, announced yesterday in the press the entrance of Massimo Dutti, a subsidiary company of the group, in the USA and Canada markets.

Massimo Dutti will open next September their first store in New York City in the 5th Avenue with the 54th Street. This placement was occupied till the present day by Zara, the biggest subsidiary of the group, but the firm is moving to a new placement in the 5th Avenue with the 52nd Street, where they bought a 3.600 square meters store for $240 million last year.

Massimo Dutti is also preparing the opening of two stores in the next months in Toronto (Canada) and Washington D.C. “We think that the North American market, especially in USA’s biggest cities, will be very important for Massimo Dutti” declared Pablo Isla.

Also, the president of Inditex, showed himself very demanding with the challenges of the Spanish textile group, which is presenting their results of 2011 next week. Pablo Isla assured that the financial crisis and the bad situation of the Spanish market should not exempt the firm of obtaining good results. “The crisis is not an excuse to not grow”, he argued.

Pablo Isla also praised the reforms taken in order to improve the financial, energetic and educational system: “Everything we do now will come useful to grow in a couple of years”

On the other hand, the president of Inditex remarked the major economic boost of expanding their firm through the world. “The international growth of our firm is enriching for Spain because, in one hand, the store management positions are occupied by people coming from internal promotion, a characteristic of the company. And, on the other hand, our furniture, screens and construction material suppliers are Spanish that have been walking on our side for years in our internationalization process”, declared Pablo Isla. In fact, the studio in charge of the new image of the Zara stores, which will take as model the store in the 5th Avenue, is commanded by the Spanish architect Elsa Urquijo.


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