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Acciona inaugurates in Mexico the largest wind farm in Latin America

Published on March 10, 2012

Acciona inaugurates in Mexico the largest wind farm in Latin America

The wind power station is a compound of three different installations in the Oaxaca region and it has a power of 306 megawatts.

With the inauguration of this new wind farm, Acciona, the company presided by José Manuel Entrecanales, becomes the first wind-energy electricity company in México, where they now have a total power of 556.5 MW, the 65% of the total of the country. Felipe Calderón, president of Mexico, was the person in charge of the inauguration of the Oaxaca wind farm, accompanied by Entrecanales.

Acciona took over the construction and exploitation of the Oaxaca installations in March 2010. Finished in the last months of 2011 and soon operating, this wind farm will produce an annual average of 1.129 million kilowatts per hour, which is equivalent to a 700.000 family house consumption and will avoid the emission of 670 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

The Oaxaca wind farm is the second wind energy installation of Acciona in Mexico, after the Eurus installation; operating since 2009 with a power of 250.5 MW and which supplies electricity to the cement factories of the company Cemex.

In his speech in the inauguration act of the wind energy installation, Entrecanales endorsed the compromise of Acciona with the sustainable development of Mexico: “Renewable energies are an excellent option for Mexico. This country has large energetic resources from clean renewable sources as wind and sun that could be used to build up an attractive energetic system with few emissions and create wealth, added value and employment”, he declared.

In the same act, Acciona also announced the constitution of Acciona Microenergía Mexico, a nonprofit association driven by the company which would facilitate electricity access to isolated rural communities not included in any electrification planning.

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