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IBERDROLA finishes the construction of a new wind power station in the USA

Published on March 7, 2012

IBERDROLA finishes the construction of a new wind power station in the USA

The new wind power station is placed in Blue Crick, a territory shared by the counties of Van Wert and Paulding, in the state of Ohio. The station is one of the biggest in the world and it has a power of 304 megawatts (MW).The station is equipped with technology developed by Gamesa, using 152 wind turbines of the model G90 (each one is 100 meters height and produces 2 MW power)

The Blue Crick wind power station created 20 permanent job positions, to add to the 500 hundred ones created during the construction stage, where 20 companies of the area collaborated.

IBERDROLA has already signed a sales contract of 100 MW produced by the station for the next 20 years with the American company FirstEnergy Solutions, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. This kind of contracts is called Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) in the USA and they guarantee the profitability of the energy installations in the long term. They are also pillars of the IBERDROLA’s strategy in the country.

IBERDROLA has nowadays a power capacity of 5.200 MW distributed in 18 different states of the USA. The Spanish company, with base in Portland (Oregon), has 850 employees and is nowadays the second largest wind power producer in the USA

The Spanish company has also just started the development of another wind power project in the Manzana territory, near the town of Rosamond (California) which would count with a power of 189 MW. IBERDROLA has already signed sales contracts for the 20 next years with two energetic companies of the area: San Diego Gas & Electric, which would control 100 MW, and Silicon Valley Power, from Santa Clara, which would control 50 MW.

IBERDROLA is present in 23 countries and is the largest company in the renewable energies business by power installed (13.690 MW) and by electricity production (20.700 million kilowatts per hour)

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