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Cortefiel allies with the ScarVic group to land in China

Published on March 7, 2012

Cortefiel allies with the ScarVic group to land in China

The Spanish textile company Cortefiel has informed in a recent communique that they have allied with ScarVic in order to foster an expansion plan in China, where they will open 800 sales points in the next years.

Cortefiel wants to begin their expansion in the Chinese markets next fall using their leading brands Springfield and Pedro del Hierro. In order to do that, they will have not only their own stores but also sales corners in shopping malls.

ScarVic, Cortefiel’s partner in the alliance, is an entity shared by the English company Scarborough and Avic Trading, a subsidiary of Avic, one of the largest Chinese public companies. Together, Avic and Scarborough, control the Rainbow shopping malls chain, which has over 50 department stores in China.

ScarVic will be a “strong supporting pillar” for Cortefiel in China due to their experience in the retail sales sector. ScarVic’s objective is to provide their whole services to large international distribution companies that want to launch business in the Chinese market.

This alliance will allow Cortefiel, which is nowadays present in more than 60 different countries, “to expand easily and rapidly in such an important market as the Chinese and increase substantially their weight in the international business”

The Spanish company considers that the growth of the middle class in China will soon transform the Asian giant in a luxury and fashion market, a requirement for which all Cortefiel brands are prepared (Cortefiel, Springfield, Pedro del Hierro and Women ‘secret)   

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