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Mobile World Congress starts today in Barcelona

Published on Feb. 27, 2012

Mobile World Congress starts today in Barcelona

Barcelona celebrates the seventh edition of the Mobile World Congress and it will be the first edition launched in the city since Barcelona was elected as Mobile World Capital last July. The MWC was first launched in Barcelona in 2006 with 51.000 visitors and the figure has been growing since then, so, this year it is expected to beat the record of 60.000 visitors.

It is estimated that the economic impact in the Mobile World Capital would reach 3.500 million euros between 2012 and 2018. The current edition of the congress will generate at least 275 million euros.

Today it will be also launched the Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation, an entity in charge of administering the Mobile World Capital, title that Barcelona will hold until 2018.

The MWC present a 40% growth since the first edition and it will create 6.500 job positions and take up 70.500 square meters of the Fira de Barcelona showground.

The current congress created more expectancy than the previous ones due to the public bus and Metro staff strike threaten. Also, Aena informed that 150 private aircrafts would be operating in Barcelona’s airport El Prat during the congress celebration.

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