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Studies by Berkeley Resources point at the possible finding of uranium reserves in Extremadura

Published on Feb. 23, 2012

Studies by Berkeley Resources point at the possible finding of uranium reserves in Extremadura

The Spanish region of Extremadura could soon turn into one of the World’s uranium producers if the encouraging results of the tests carried out by the Australian company Berkeley Resources confirm the mineral subsoil’s richness in the region.

The Australian company has done cartography works and drilling tests in four different mineral deposits in the Cáceres province and the first results were positive. More results and studies could confirm the existence of the mineral in the area.

The mining exploitation could be carried out if the Spanish administration issues the exploitation and environmental permits need to start the mineral extraction activities and the project shows economic viability.

The uranium reserves in Extremadura could be the only ones in the whole European Union to be exploited and would compete with those in Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia that nowadays feed the world’s nuclear power stations.

Also, from the University of Extremadura, the Sciences professor María Jesús Liso, had pointed out that the uranium reserves in the region present higher purity and extraction luminescence than other reserves. For Berkeley, all the data collected indicates that Extremadura could have a uranium mining exploitation in the near future.

Also, the Australian multinational, has a Spanish subcontracted company, called Minera del Río Aragón, which is in the process to obtain two mining exploitation permits for two former uranium mines in the Badajoz province that were active till the 90’s. In addition to the ones in Extremadura, Berkeley Resources forecasts to begin other exploitation of another uranium reserve in Saelices el Chico (Salamanca) for the year 2014. This mining exploitation was also operating between the year 1.974 and 2.000.

Berkeley Resources has declined to comment which would be the investment in Extremadura in case of launching the mining activities, but they have announced that their budget for the exploitation in Salamanca reaches 360 million euros. This figure includes the expenses to launch the exploitation, uranium extraction and the restoration of the area once the reserves run out.

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