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Rajoy replaces 30 ambassadors

Published on Feb. 20, 2012

Rajoy replaces 30 ambassadors


The Council of Ministers approved last Friday the replacement and designation of 30 new ambassadors, representatives of Spain, in front of the United Nations, the NATO Council, the Political and Security Committee of the Council of European Union and the International Organizations placed in Geneva. The observer ambassador to the Organization of American States was also appointed..

The observer ambassador position will be occupied by Jorge Hevia, with a Law Degree* and who is the former Deputy Director General of the Mercosur Countries and Chile. Hevia has also worked in the Spanish diplomatic representations in the Dominican Republic, the Holy See and the Order of Malta. He also held in 2001 the position of Director General of Defense Institutional Relationships and he was appointed in October 2004 as the Spanish ambassador in El Salvador Republic.

Apart from the position appointments for International Organizations, some ambassadors have also been appointed such as: Antonio Pérez Hernández (Venezuela), Roberto Varela (Uruguay), Manuel de la Cámara (Brasil), Víctor Fragilde (Ecuador), Román Oyarzún (Argentina) and José Ignacio Carbajal (Rusia) who is taking over the position of Luis Felipe Fernández de la Peña.

José Ignacio Carbajal Gárate, the new Spanish ambassador in Moscow, holds an extensive experience. He has a Law Degree* and he started his diplomatic career in 1968. Over the years he has been appointed to the Dominican Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom and Morocco. He has also been the Head of Consular Affairs for North America in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 1991 till 1998 he was the Director of the Consular and Legal Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 1998 till 2003 he was appointed to the Spanish Embassy in México. In 2003 he was appointed as Spanish ambassador in Canada and in 2005 as Vice-President of the Spanish Section of the Hispanic-North American Permanent Committee. In 2009 he took over the position of Spanish General Consul in London.

Other places receiving a new Spanish ambassador are Berlin, Rome, Lisbon, Athens, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, New Delhi and the Vatican, between others.

*Note that in the Spanish education system, a Law Degree is equivalent to the American Juris Doctor


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