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A second CCGT has been inaugurated in Tenerife by Endesa

Published on Nov. 29, 2011

A second CCGT has been inaugurated in Tenerife by Endesa

Endesa inaugurates a second CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) in the Granadilla plant. These implementations imply an increase in the total capacity installed from the previous existing 230 Mw, to the now upgraded 743 Mw.

The CCGT comprises two gas turbines and a steam turbine which are interconnected, and is equipped to operate as a closed-cycle facility or as an open-cycle facility, i.e. only using the two gas turbines. This structure allows the facility to meet the real grid needs of electricity with the plant production capacity.

This new CCGT now coordinates with the one installed in the Granadilla plant in 2006, and together with the rest of Endesa electric production facilities amounts to a total installed capacity of 1.059 Mw in the island.

The plant is cooled with sea water and complies with all Spanish and EU environmental regulations.

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