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Victor Blazheev


LUKoil (ЛУКойл) - Member of the Board of Directors


Born: 1961 Graduated from the evening department of the All-Union Extra-Mural Law Institute (AELI) in 1987; completed a post-graduate program at AELI/Moscow Law Institute in the department of civil litigation in 1990. Since 1994 Dr. Blazheev has been engaged in educational (as a lecturer) and administrative activities occupying various positions at Moscow State Academy of Law (MSAL). 1999-2001: Dean of the full-time day department of MSAL. 2001-2002: Vice-Rector of MSAL in charge of academic agenda. 2002 –2007: First Vice-Rector of MSAL in charge of academic agenda. Since 2007: Rector of the O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Academy of Law. Elected to the LUKOIL Board of Directors since 2009.

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